Packaging Design Structures – We create and develop innovative packaging styles that lead to awards – Red Dot Design Award 2012 for Client Drift for Communicative Packaging

Packaging Materials – We develop our designs across any packaging material, structure, process area and global manufacturing capability, for glass, metals, rigid and formed plastics, flexibles, cartons and rigid packaging, corrugated and complex composite mixes
International Luxury and Premium Packaging Design – We’ve the best people in the business who know how to design and deliver top end packaging design styles for international Luxury and Premium markets
Packaging Decoration – We are the only experts in packaging decoration who understand how to achieve consistent global decoration execution across all substrates, structures, shapes, processes and converters
Print and Finishing for Packaging – Our Technical Team has been used by Reckitt Benckiser, Bacardi, William Grant, Japan Tobacco International, Booja Booja, Johnson & Johnson, Kenwood and others, in developing and maintaining brand and print integrity
across global packaging converters

Economics – On a global scale, we have developed in house packaging cost data bases which enable us to accurately quantify packaging costs at design concept stage through to commercial large scale benchmarking
Novel Decoration Processes – We are the only independent Group who have the technical experience and capability to create, push and develop unique decoration processes, including Anti Counterfeit techniques, Printed Electronics, Fresnel Imagery etc

Next Generation Packaging – We know more about next generation packaging opportunities than any other agency or packaging supplier

Creativity, Technicals and Economics

All round, we get the packaging balance right – end to end. Nobody else has this capability. At the Creative point, we can tell you what the cost of the end pack will be and benchmark it alongside competitors. We do this against each component part that makes up the total pack. It’s a way to tune developments – more emphasis here, less there etc.

We exploit packaging decoration in the same way. For existing printed packaging, we isolate print costs and benchmark your current print specifications; we redirect methods to reduce costs – set up, inks, improved quality and maximised consistency with minimal waste. Where a brand is being expanded, we police colour and finish quality, from proof to production

We develop packaging prototypes for our Clients – we do this using CAD to guarantee tracking, technicals, materials, finish, assembly etc. For us and our Clients this maintains confidentiality, expedites control, eliminates IP loss risk

These same techniques are used to apply decoration – we’ve the capability to digital print or set up short print runs, whatever the structure / material; whatever the end application

Our expertise is used across high end luxury product packaging / high and low volume models / general consumer / ethicals and medical / pure luxury and cosmetics / disposables / confectionery – in fact any area / any Market / any Country

We are well aware of packaging converter capabilities and their development trends around the globe. We operate from studios in UK, France, Scandinavia and SE Asia and work across all Regions – APAC / NA / LATAM / EMEA. We have built the most comprehensive converter data bases and packaging costing data bases which are unique to us